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Merchandising management: be sure you avoid 9 terrible mistakes

Discover the untapped potential of merchandising and revolutionize your sales strategy. Join our webinar to gain valuable insights and practical tips for optimizing your merchandising effectiveness


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Many retailers do not realize the full potential effectiveness of merchandising as a strategic tool. Some of them do not manage merchandising processes at all, while others use it only partially or not as effectively as possible. Such negligence can lead to lost sales, poor competitiveness and an unsatisfactory customer experience.

Join us for this webinar where you'll gain valuable knowledge and get practical tips to improve merchandising effectiveness using the innovative tools.

We invite you to the webinar to review merchandising management processes and look at them from a new angle.

Webinar speakers

Ana Erma
Head of BD, UK and EMEA
Ana is a Supply Chain Automation Solutions Expert. Happy customers are what makes her happy.
Mark Ross
Business development manager
Mark is a Client Manager with extensive experience of working in IT. Passionate about selling innovative solutions.

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Creation of planograms and processes that affect their lack of effectiveness.

  • Challenges and gaps in communication between the head office and stores.

  • Why retailers rarely use planogram analytics and what they're missing out on.

  • How to resolve problematic issues in merchandising and organize display management in stores.

This webinar is best for

CEOs, CMOs, and commercial directors who want to manage merchandising efficiently.

Chain managers who want to ensure high-quality display of goods and maximize sales.

Managers responsible for the development of planograms and display.