Merchandising in a Sporting Goods Store: Efficient Display Rules

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  • May 4, 2022
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Cover: Merchandising in a Sporting Goods Store: Efficient Display Rules

The merchandising of a sporting goods store has something in common with the display of clothes. It is also important to have all commercial sizes, proper navigation and zoning, convenient organization of fitting rooms, and the help of consultants here. Along with clothing, sports equipment and various accessories are presented here. The proper display helps the customer quickly navigate the trading floor and find all the necessary products. How best to present a product in a sports market - read more in this article. This material will help you learn the following:

  • The classification of sporting goods stores;
  • How the display is best to be organized;
  • The modern technologies to help you in merchandising management.

Sports store conceptions

Classification of sports markets occurs according to the presented range. They can be:

  • The stores that represent products of one brand; are small in size and do not sell specialized sports equipment;
  • The stores with a diverse brand assortment; these can be large markets, with the division of products into different categories: children, men, women, as well as into sports;
  • Specialized stores that provide not only specialized clothing but also equipment (for skiing, rock climbing).

Despite the difference in conceptions, similar display principles by colors or brands are used on the trading floor; navigation is also worked out. Proper merchandising makes shopping enjoyable and detailed analytics allows you to increase the average basket.

Display in a sporting goods store by color

Most often, outdoor activities are associated with energetic colors - red, yellow, orange, etc. The display of goods by color is mainly intended for the female audience. Combining contrasting colors and shades will significantly increase the growth of impulsive purchases and draw more attention to the various models of the collections. Although the color display is more of an auxiliary tool since the customers appreciate the speed and convenience of search.

And in order for the colors to be perceived brightly, it is important to provide the right lighting. Sporting ones often use active and dynamic lighting with a cold spectrum compared to other stores. This allows you to more clearly define the contours of objects and make for the dynamics of the trading floor. To create the necessary associations with a sports facility, showcases, checkout areas, fitting rooms, and aisles are illuminated differently.

Display by brands for sporting goods stores

This way of displaying works best for image sporting goods that belong to the premium price sector. If your store is in the medium price segment, display by type should be used first, and then the one by brand.

Displaying goods by brands has its disadvantages. If the customer is not a fan of a particular brand, they may have problems navigating the trading floor, and it can be difficult for them to fully see the range of products.

The merchandising of a sporting goods store isn't just about putting products on the shelf. The competent and effective display is based on data analysis. To do this, you have to regularly receive reports on store sales, on 1 m² of retail space return, and conduct ABC analysis. Often, it's hardly possible to be done manually.

The LEAFIO Planogram Optimization system will help you properly build the merchandising process in your company. The analytics block provides complete information on the display efficiency, and the mobile application provides control over the execution of planograms.

If you want to know more about the LEAFIO system, don't hesitate to download the presentation.

Showcase is your store trademark

Merchandising in a sporting goods store begins before you even enter the store. The customer should make a choice in favor of your store, distinguish it from dozens of similar ones. So, the first tip for efficient sporting goods store merchandising is to pay attention to the shop sign, the facade of the building, window dressing and arranging the area in front of the store, if any.

Sporting goods store navigation

For sporting goods stores intended for the mass buyer, a navigation display system is used. The products on the trading floor are distributed by type and purpose. Let's take the clothes: first, they are divided into zones - men's and women's, and then the display is divided according to its purpose - for running, for fitness, football uniforms.

In stores with this kind of display, there are much more impulse purchases. They can also be stimulated by accessories displayed at the checkout.

Represent the range by matching up complementary products. For example, warm socks should be placed near thermal underwear. It's really good if the client forgot to think about something in advance, but realized what he was missing when in the store - the impressions of the purchase, in this case, are only positive.

POS materials in sporting goods stores

Often, a person goes to a sports store with a specific need, such as to buy running shoes for the gym. Therefore, it is important not only to highlight the shelving rack with sports shoes but also to place all the necessary information about the product.

Informational posters work well. If you don't want to overload the trading floor with an abundance of POS materials, use QR codes next to each product. This way the client can learn more about the properties of the product: materials, collection, purpose and unique characteristics. As for the shoes, it’s good if next to the price there is information on the sizes in stock.

It is worth indicating where the new collection is, and where the sale of the old one is. Both options can equally attract different people.

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The atmosphere of the store should "charge" with emotions, so place dynamic advertising posters, screens with bright videos, and use a driving playlist. Mannequins should also not be static. You'd better choose those in motion, imitating doing sports. Thematic installations will be helpful as well, for example, a basketball hoop, and a green lawn area where you can lay out the balls. Now people go to stores not only to buy some goods but also for impressions, so the one who gives emotions wins.

Modern technology for sporting goods stores

World-class sports brands have long understood that technology is the competitive advantage of any retailer. Automation of internal processes will help to simplify and speed up the work of store employees, while modern solutions will give the customers unforgettable impressions. That's why companies are investing in the development of applications based on augmented reality. For example, Nike has implemented an online fitting room, and Timberland has introduced interactive mirror fitting rooms in their flagship stores, where you can see whether this or that product fits you. Such solutions can give you an unforgettable shopping experience that you would like to talk about. An unforgettable impression is also made by one-of-a-kind testing zones, where the customer can test the product in action. It can be a treadmill where you can run in sneakers a little and make the right choice.

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Technologies for optimizing internal processes are aimed at simplifying operational activities, for example, the creation of planograms and their execution.
With LEAFIO Planogram Optimization category managers and planogram specialists have the opportunity to:

  • build planograms based on sales, turnover and other applicable data 
  • analyze the effectiveness of merchandising process 
  • manage hot and cold zones in-store plans
  • get immediate access to wide analytical data on sales per meter, turnover per meter, profit return rate, etc.
  • improve inventory turnover up to 12% 
  • reduce lost sales up to 17% 
  • speed up planogram development in 4 times

For more details, be sure to contact us for a demonstration of LEAFIO Planogram Optimization system.

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