Excellent convenience with maximum margins

Achieve the maximum accuracy of the forecasts and auto-order, providing the optimal quantity and assortment of goods. Manage margin per meter/foot of the shelf to increase profit from each chain store.

Excellent convenience with maximum margins

Turn the challenges Convenience stores face into the automated routine and profit opportunities

Ensuring maximum availability and shelf efficiency in the lack of space

Lack of storage space in a convenience store can result in lost sales if demand is higher than expected. On the other hand, the desire for 100% availability often leads to write-offs or markdowns. In any case, it can be a lost profit for the retailer.

LEAFIO cloud solution will allow you to:

  • Set up your replenishment system in the "empty warehouse" mode;

  • Build a multi-echelon supply chain, most efficiently distribute stocks between stores, which minimizes balances and frozen funds;

  • Ensure optimal availability for each SKU due to the most accurate forecasts;

  • Form a display of goods considering the current balances and ensuring the stock level until the next delivery;

  • Automatically create planograms to get the maximum margin per meter/foot of the shelf.

Selection of the optimum assortment in conditions of its limitation

Due to the small size of a convenience store, its assortment is always limited. And if it does not meet customer needs, the retailer runs the risk of both missed sales and surplus. With this limitation, the payback per square meter/foot of the shelf becomes critical to profitability.

What does LEAFIO do to provide you with a competitive assortment?

  • It helps you to analyze the efficiency of your assortment in terms of stores, suppliers, categories, and SKUs;

  • It allows you to quickly determine which products are sales drivers and which are worth excluding from the assortment or paying particular attention to their promotion;

  • It not only highlights the "candidates" for exclusion but also helps to remove them from the range or replace them with other products gently;

  • It forecasts the most accurate demand for new goods, which allows you to expand/change your assortment without risks or losses;

  • The algorithms of the solutions create the display considering the sales and margin data of the goods;

  • With its analytics and recommendations, you can change and optimize planogram to increase sales in the store.

Optimizing inventory for sharp fluctuations in demand during the week

Besides the fact that the demand in convenience stores can fluctuate depending on store location, it is affected by many other factors (days of the week, holidays, etc.) Under such conditions, with manual calculations or an insufficient forecasting system, it is easy to make critical errors, resulting in missed sales or write-offs.

We have developed an AI-based solution that allows retailers to:

  •   - Automatically calculate and apply a demand variability index by day of the week to more accurately order for deliveries more than once a week;

  • Take into account the current stock level, the supplier's package size, and goods in transit when ordering;

  • Exclude one-time atypical fluctuations in demand from the calculations not to get an overestimated size of the subsequent orders;

  • Form the optimal safety stock level depending on the suppliers’ reliability.

The need to plan resources for the chain effective expansion

Optimal profitability of convenience stores can be achieved with a sufficient number of stores in the chain. That is why such a business model implies the frequent opening of new sales points. Under these conditions, without a built-in system, each opening turns into a rather labor-intensive task.

The LEAFIO cloud platform will enable convenience store retailers to:

  • Unify and standardize the processes of demand forecasting, replenishment and promotions planning, assortment and shelf space management;

  • Predict initial demand when opening new stores based on available data on similar chain locations;

  • Create format planograms for use in new stores to make the necessary changes in a few clicks;

  • Quickly scale the business with maximum profitability.

Management of multiple display types: shelf, additional, promo, and impulse purchasing area

A convenience store needs to follow the correct merchandise proximity to provide maximum convenience for the customer and increase sales for the chain. Given the small space, it is critical to monitor the effectiveness of different types of layouts quickly.

With LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency, you can:

  • In a few clicks, create a layout of different types of equipment based on profitability, purpose, brand, and other important parameters;

  • Quickly evaluate the effectiveness of a particular layout of goods using in-depth analytics;

  • Promptly make the necessary adjustments and instantly implement and control store changes with the mobile application.

Meet the needs and provide maximum service for the minimum time the customer is in the store

When entering a convenience store, the buyer expects to spend little time shopping. Thus, it is necessary to arrange the goods for the buyer to find what he came for quickly and also to make additional purchases. It is vital not only to ensure the optimal assortment but to provide a full display and no empty spaces.

The LEAFIO Shelf Efficiency system allows you to:

  • Instantly identify passive categories and SKUs in order to remove them from the assortment or change the display;

  • Increase the average check due to the correct related products placement and compliance with the product proximity;

  • Carry out a quick rotation of the assortment and replacement of sold items in the planogram;

  • Using a mobile application, promptly bring changes to the store staff and control the compliance and fullness of the displays.

Leverage the power of AI for optimal stocks and higher profits in a limited space

Our Convenience stores customers typically face the following impacts


more sales


faster turnover


less overstock


less manual labor


waste reduction


less lost sales

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