Improve the supply chain processes of your liquor stores

LEAFIO AI allows you to easily manage stocks, promotions, assortment and display of any category of alcoholic beverages. Imported goods, slow movers, wholesale, unexpected and seasonal surges in demand are no longer challenges but new opportunities. Create an attention-grabbing layout, easily make changes to planograms and control their implementation.

Improve the supply chain processes of your liquor stores

Turn the challenges Liquor stores face into the automated routine and profit opportunities

Efficient operation with a wide assortment

Liquor stores offer not only a wide range of alcoholic beverages but also related products and snacks. Some SKUs are in high demand, while others may be sold only a few times a month. Demand forecasting and inventory management in these conditions become increasingly challenging. Efficient utilization of shelf space and cross merchandising also become critical to profitability.

How this is solved with LEAFIO:

  • A powerful BI module allows you to quickly analyze your assortment, identifying slow-moving or unsellable items.

  • The solution not only automatically identifies and highlights goods candidates for exclusion from the assortment but also helps to withdraw them gently and without losses.

  • The system provides initial demand forecasting for new goods and you can expand and rotate the assortment without much risk.

  • Create efficient layouts that promote sales of related goods, rotate the assortment in just a few clicks.

  • Track sales analytics for a specific planogram and monitor the effectiveness of cross merchandising.

  • Remotely track related products display and their availability on the shelf.

Timely replenishment with imported goods, considering wholesale and extraordinary demand

Most of the products in liquor stores are shipped from abroad, so it is critical to calculate orders with delivery times in mind. There is also wholesale and emergency demand here. On the one hand, such sales can greatly increase average sales and order size. On the other hand, if they are not considered, there is a risk of lost sales and missed profits.

How this is solved with LEAFIO:

  • A multi-echelon forecasting algorithm allows you to accurately estimate current and predict future demand for items.

  • The system makes accurate forecasts with a horizon of 6 months or more, which is important for imported goods.

  • The system takes into account lead times, delivery times, and supplier schedules when generating orders.

  • Forecasting algorithms consider planned promotions, holidays, sales bursts, as well as DC demand if it operates as a wholesaler.

Respond to demand fluctuations and seasonality effectively and in advance

Demand for alcoholic beverages fluctuates greatly depending on the season, days of the week, or holidays. If the forecast is inaccurate, there is a strong possibility of missed sales or overstocks. With the dynamic changes in demand for seasonal items, making timely changes in display is extremely challenging, especially in a large chain environment.

How this is solved with LEAFIO:

  • The system automatically calculates and applies seasonality factors for regular assortment and seasonal goods.

  • LEAFIO has a set of scenarios that can be applied depending on the market situation. This helps calculate orders' accuracy.

  • AI-based forecasting along with auto-ordering will help you buy as much product as you need and when you need it to meet seasonal customer demand.

  • The system will help you quickly create planograms for seasonal layouts, and when the season ends, automatically replace them with regular ones and communicate the changes to the stores.

  • Quickly check compliance with seasonal layouts using the mobile app.

  • The solution will help you adapt your stock to alcohol market trends, location (city center, bedroom community) and the regional characteristics of your target audience.

Running promotions with balanced stocks and effective layout

A large percentage of liquor store products are in promotions. The retailer often faces difficulties in predicting the right amount of goods for the campaign which is fraught with missed sales, write-offs, or additional sell-outs. It is important not only to create a timely promotional layout but also to monitor its effectiveness and promptly replace it with a regular one at the end of the campaign.

To solve this problem LEAFIO offers you:

  • Sales forecasting for future promotional campaigns, taking into account many demand factors;

  • Automatic order generation and dispatch for timely promo launch in each store: no earlier and no later than necessary;

  • Timely replenishment of stocks during promo campaign, based on current demand and sales pace;

  • Effective promotion completion, follow-up evaluation of the campaign effectiveness;

  • Promotion calendar with all past, current and future promotions along with key promotional indicators;

  • Automatic creation of promotion layouts, monitoring of their effectiveness, change in a few clicks if necessary;

  • Auto-change of promotional layouts at the end of the campaign, instant implementation in stores via the mobile app.

Ensure product availability and visibility across all sales channels to avoid abandoned carts and overstock

Managing inventory in an omni-channel environment and allocating it between channels is not an easy task for a liquor store retailer.<br>Another challenge is to plan inventory for each channel according to frequently changing demand.<br>

LEAFIO allows you to:

  • - Fully automate the replenishment process, taking into account all channels from the moment of calculating demand to the moment the order is received by the supplier;

  • - Ensure a transparent and efficient inventory management process at all levels of the supply chain without manual intervention;

  • - Have an exact inventory visibility, considering sales and product movement through all sales channels.

Smart use of limited storage space in order not to lose sales

Wine stores often have little or no storage space in the store. Thus, the store's stock is mainly placed on the shelves. If this stock is not calculated correctly, the shelves may look overcrowded or conversely appear empty.

With LEAFIO you can:

  • Calculate display inventory based on supplies and current stock;

  • Ensure availability and representativeness of the product on display until the next delivery;

  • Optimize the assortment with the analytics module, which shows the proportion between active and passive goods;

  • Minimize the amount of passive SKUs in stock;

  • Control store employees to refill the shelves with goods from storage to avoid lost sales.

Management of the display in different store clusters

Within a company, alcohol stores are often grouped into formats. In this case there is a need for unification and standardization of processes at all levels in order to comply with the format. That means that the product assortment and layouts in stores of the same type must be identical. It should be possible to quickly make pinpoint changes, adapting the assortment and display to the specifics of local demand.

With LEAFIO, to work with store formats you can:

  • Unify the work with layouts with format planograms.

  • Standardize the assortment in the formats and quickly evaluate its effectiveness.

  • Make changes to the format planogram, if necessary, instantly implementing them throughout the chain.

Make categories with own import and private label goods profitable

This category of goods is the most advantageous for a chain in terms of profitability. At the same time a liquor store chain may not have large marketing budgets for promotion of private labels and imports, compared to established brands. In this case effective merchandising becomes the main sales driving force.

With LEAFIO you can:

  • Control the display of your own imports and private labels on the shelves: automatic display, assortment percentages, etc.

  • Experiment with layouts, make changes to the layout of private label items in a few clicks and instantly introduce them to the store.

  • Create separate brand zones for private labels, and track their performance in real time.

  • Analyze assortment groups to find out the underperforming ones.

Give your customers the best range of beverages at the most attractive prices by optimizing your supply chain processes

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less manual labor


waste reduction


less lost sales

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